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Our purpose @1836Ink is to help others share their story, not our own,  and our online shop is designed to do just that. 

At times we will have some merch of our own on here but the majority of the time what you will find here is a collaboration with someone just like you. 

Whether it is merch to support a local non-profit, fan gear for a youth sports team, a fundraiser for a school or a private sale to make it a little simpler to collect $ and sizes we are happy to help.  

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Our goal is to make it easy for you but there are some things to make it a little easier on both of us.   Click below to check out some FAQ’s and see if a shop hosted by 1836 Ink is the right fit for your next project.


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We have you covered there too.   To check out a sampling of the things we offer.  Whether it is  t-shirts, signs and banners, promo products or something truly unique we would love to be a part of your next project. 

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