CSC Pinwheels


Add a little flair to sign or banner display!

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We’ve made it even easier for you to add pinwheels to your banner or sign display.

Pinwheels are only available on the website as an ‘add-on’ for sign and banner orders and sold per set of 10.

If you just need pinwheels  please contact the CSC as they will  have some available as well. (same pinwheel – same price)

  • Heavy duty, crush resistant Mylar material in jewel tone color assortments
  • 8″ diameter pinwheel with 12″ plastic wand


Why pinwheels you ask?  Pinwheels are a national symbol for child abuse prevention.  They remind us of the nostalgic childhoods that most of us had, and as a sober reminder  of the childhoods that many do not wish to remember.

In also has meaning in other cultures as well.  In Chinese culture  the pinwheel signifies “turning one’s luck around”; the pinwheel figures prominently in Chinese New Year celebrations where it is represents good luck, longevity, health and prosperity.

While the kids who face child abuse is not a matter of luck, through the work that the Children’s Safety Center does they are able to start them on a path to healing so they too may have longevity, health and prosperity. .